1. Les Empactariens Francophones

    The group aims to attract five new members from francophone countries until the end of 2020. The group will be lead by Paulin Binja Mobole – Member Democratic Republic of CONGO. Contact:

  2. Quality Assurance Group

    The group aims to further develop the existing EMPACTA ® standards and to update the questionnaire for other professional services (Accounting, Taxation, Internal Audit and Consulting). Contact: Jamal Abu Farha

  3. NGO-Audit Manual

    Initiated by Mohammed Anwar ul Hoque – Member Bangladesh, the group intends to Audit Manual for auditors in the field. Contact: Mohammad Anwarul Hoque (Sohel) ACA

  4. Rules of Procedures

    To develop rules of procedure for the General Assembly. Contact: Frank Fabel

  5. Flying University

    Short clips to be posted online regarding various audit issues by the end of year 2020. The group is headed by Milda Bagdonaite:

  6. Security Issues

    There are four major aims of the group :

        – To achieve a professional insurance for all members by 2021 in a group contract

        – To achieve until 2030, a status similar to status similar to those, who do monitoring

            visits for other institutions like the OSCE or the UN for those working in areas of

            civil unrest   

        – To prepare standard conditions for contracts by 2020

        – To prepare and conduct security trainings for members by 2020


  7. Social Media Group

    To publish various feed of relevant public news stream with at-least two posts per day for topics related to accounting, ethics, audit and taxation.

    Contact: Riad Al Zouki