International Conference – Gorée, Senegal 2022

The history of accounting is intimately intertwined with the history of colonialism, the history of slavery. We would like to bring two camps together: practitioners and scholars. Our aim is that the accounting profession has a better understanding of itself.

The international conference is planned to take place in Gorée, Senegal, February 2022.

Security Issues

There are four major aims of the group :

    – To achieve a professional insurance for all members by 2021 in a group contract

    – To achieve until 2030, a status similar to status similar to those, who do monitoring

        visits for other institutions like the OSCE or the UN for those working in areas of

        civil unrest   

    – To prepare standard conditions for contracts by 2020

    – To prepare and conduct security trainings for members by 2020


EMPACTA Ethical Hotline

The board has developed Three (3) Ethical Hotlines for EMPACTA members for inquiries;

 – For Turkish, Serbo-Croatian or Albanian speaking members – Ms. Aferdita Carkaxhiu (Member Kosovo)

– For Arabic and English speaking members – Mr. Jamal Abu Farha (Member Palestine)

– For Russian and French speaking members – Mr. Frank Fabel (Member Germany)

E-17 Lecturer Speaks on German TV Channel

It is indeed an honor….. (a RENOWNED German TV channel) published an interview of Prof. Dr. Mult. Nikolaus Knoepffler (Chair of Applied Ethics and Director of Ethics Center and the Department of Ethics in Science of Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena, since 2002)…

and Our honorable guest speaker at annual EMPACTA event (E-17) in November 2017…. Do visit to find out more….




Welcome to the New Board

Very glad that members accepted my resignation. This was too much, really. Happy that others will continue: Good luck to Sohail and Thomas. And I will be glad to serve the association as a simple member. For instance: what is about organizing E 17? It is high time for this!